August 7, 2013

Main aspects of a great website

When it comes to online marketing, then the first step is to establish a website that will be used as the business’ online store or virtual location. It is important to note that when prospective customers or existing customers are looking for your services or goods online, a website is the best platform to engage them. Web design in Bangkok is, therefore, all the more important given that the website experience can make or break the relationship you have with your customers as well as create new relationships with new customers. Below we will look at some of the must-have features for a good website.

Great Headline

When creating a website, the landing page is among the most important page. The landing page must be designed to create the most impact in the first few seconds the user gets to it. It has been established through research that, internet users will only spend a few seconds on a web page trying to decide whether it serves their needs. An attention grabbing headline is designed to stand out from the rest of the text on the webpage. In this case, web design Bangkok should not ignore the importance of creating a template that highlight this headline and makes it visible to visitors.

A Call to Action

When designing a website that requires visitors to do something for conversion purposes, a call to action is vital even the most appealing and functional websites would be useless if the visitor has no idea of what they should do to get what they want. Web design Bangkok should include direct instructions to the user of how to do what the website owner wants them to do. Whether it is to make a purchase or fill in a subscription form, these instructions should be clear and easy to execute. The website template should make provisions for this.

Consistent Color Scheme

All websites must incorporate a carefully chosen color scheme. The color scheme should preferably be in line with the business’ brand colors. Web design Bangkok should make sure that the chosen color scheme is uniform throughout the entire website. Important aspects such as the call to action and the headline should be highlighted by this color scheme for maximum effect. For instance contrasting colors should be used for this part of the website.

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